Best Instagram Mockups (2020)

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When starting a new business, advertising cost can run high, and one way to circumvent these exorbitant prices is to advertise using a social media platform. With over 800 million users, over 40 billion photos shared, 250 million users sharing stories, Instagram is a giant social media platform. So which better social media to advertise on than one of the biggest in the game currently. We are going to be talking about advertising on Instagram today. Instagram helps business owners by releasing tools which allow them to successfully share photos, videos, etc while gathering insights and helping them to sell their products and services.

Instagram, also called Insta or IG, is a social networking service (social media platform) which is owned by Facebook. It is mainly used for photo and video sharing. It was launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS it was later released on Android devices around a year and a half later. Instagram allows its users to upload videos and photos to the platform which can be edited with various filters organised by tag and location information. Users can share their account publicly or only to approved followers. Users can browse other content by tags, locations and view trending photos and videos. All businesses have public accounts. This means that users can easily search for content published by businesses as long as the content from the business accounts has been tagged and curated properly. Users can also add videos and photos to a feed, that is only viewable for 24 hours, known as stories.

One essential ingredient for businesses is to make sure that you interact regularly with your followers and viewers, who might turn into potential customers or are already existing customers of your business. But this might be hard to do since it is hard to make well-designed posts that will entice people to connect more with your business. You always want to choose images that will entice and captivate your audience. This is true regardless of whether you are already established as a brand or on the platform or starting out completely new. Even if you have the perfect picture or content to publish, properly editing or typeface it may take a lot of dedicated effort.

While some may think of these small details as meaningless, that’s not true, however. It has been observed over and over again that these small details can make a big impact on your bottom line. Which is why you need to always put the best content on your business’ social media accounts, especially on Instagram. This is especially true for anything that you share on your story feed. With most active users regularly checking the story feed, it becomes one of the prime ways to communicate with your followers on Instagram. But again the same level of quality and curation is required for your story feed. And figuring out what works and what doesn’t is not always an easy task. For this reason, we suggest that you use mocks up and templates made especially for Instagram to make this work easier for yourself.

With templates and mock-ups, you don’t have to design the entire Instagram post that you want to share on your account. In fact, most of the work is done, you only need to insert your image and voila! You have a fresh Instagram post ready to be published, ensuring that you remain connected with your followers and customers. This ensures that as long as you have the content ready, you will not be spending time on editing and setting the typeface of each post. This turns out to be a time and money saver for your business. Just choose the style that you want your content to be presented in and you will find mock-ups for it. This makes it very easy to have a consistent look and style associated with your business without you having to manually preside over each post.

With this in mind, we have made a list of the Best Instagram Mockups in 2019. This is a very wide and comprehensive list, with mockups and templates of all kinds for you to peruse, to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your business. No matter what kind of product you wish to promote on your Instagram account, just refer to our collection of mock-ups and just the one that fits your vision the closest. Any good mock-up will provide you with a clear, consistent preview and vision of how your posts, stories and banners will look like. So with that, let’s check out which Instagram mock-up fits your taste the best.

Instagram Mobile Mock-Up

It has been seen again and again, that Instagram has a definitive effect on the buying behaviour of consumers. The platform has a very high user engagement rate with users looking for brands on their own. Most of these users access Instagram from their mobile devices through the Instagram app. If you are just starting out your business account on Instagram and are confused about how to make and share the best content, then this mock-up pack is for you. Easily providing great ideas about profile pages, photos, stories and other marketing campaigns you can start using it for your account as soon as your finish purchasing it. This mock-up pack contains templates for various styles of photos; profile, portrait, landscape, story, square and IGTV cover picture. It also contains multiple templates for story highlights, IGTV, a mobile profile page, and various artboard layout. A perfect start to your business’ journey on Instagram.

Instagram Stories Bundle

One of the most attractive things for business’ on Instagram right now is the Instagram Stories feature. This feature is one of the most user engaging features on all social media platforms. With 250 million users sharing content on their story feed, and even more, users looking through story feeds of other accounts, it’s one of the best ways to engage with your audience. You should be always looking for your stories to be engaging and your audience connecting with your story content. Towards that end, you need tools to help you with creating great content for your story feed. This mock-up bundle is a great tool for you to use their massive collection of templates for your Instagram business page and template for your stories as well. The mock-up bundle has over 580 HD stories that you can easily personalize and are easy to use the right of the gate. A few other features of this mock-up bundle are smart objects for easy design replacement, well-ordered layers and pixel perfect shapes and other smaller features that come together to make a great overall package.

Complete Instagram Template

Building beautiful and effective Instagram stories that are engaging and enticing for your audience can be a difficult and tedious task that you need to sink a lot of time on. But with a great Instagram mock-up bundle, you have easy access to mock-ups and templates that will help you in creating and curating the best content for your account. So choosing the best Instagram mock-ups is a very important step to help your Instagram page succeed and stand out from the competition. This Instagram Template bundle has a large and well thought out collection of tools for your ease of use. The bundle contains 20 different patterns, 25 different watercolour elements, 3 vector branches, 33 different icons and 268 different animated and static templates for you to use, for both Instagram stories and your regular feed as well. A few other features associated with the templates in this bundle are; well-ordered layers and well-organised folders for ease of use, smart objects for easy design replacement, easily editable text boxes amongst others.

Light Instagram Bundle

Another great marketing technique that can be used on the Instagram platform is to use Instagram stories. Many businesses try to take advantage of this new feature on the platform. Business needs to be on top of their game and should be creating great quality stories to entice and engage with their target audience so that their message reaches a large audience. Stories can give just enough information to the audience without overloading them with information. The Light Instagram Bundle is a great pack of mockups that comes with 75 templates specially designed for Instagram. With smart objects, well-organised folders, the mock-ups are easy to use and work well with Adobe Photoshop as well as Affinity Photo and/or Affinity Designer.

Animated Playful Stories

This playful collection of animated Instagram story templates is a quick and easy way to refresh the tone of your Instagram account and to inject some light-hearted fun into it. This makes it easier to grab and maintain the attention of new viewers for your Instagram account. You can easily use this pack to showcase your services, products or anything else that you wish to show off. The pack comes with 20 video files, 20 templates and organised layers and smart objects. Many of the story templates can also serve well as intro stories for your Instagram account as you can combine them with your normal videos or pictures. All the animation is taken care of and you’ll only need to change the text, picture, and colours to your own needs.

Animated Modern Stories

This pack of Instagram templates also features mockups for Instagram stories. But unlike the previous pack, this one has a more sleek and stylish modern design with a minimalist millennial design standard. This will easily help you connect with the younger and more trendy and stylish parts of the Instagram demographic more easily. They’ll be more engaged with the content of your Instagram account or page. This pack comes with over a 100 hand drawn elements that have been drawn in PNG, PSD, PDF, AI and ESF formats. It also contains 30 image templates which one can easily edit in Adobe Photoshop and 30 animated templates. The pack also provides you with 5 different mood-board design to help you to narrow down your stylistic choices and go for the look you are imagining.

Stories Pack

This Instagram mockup pack contains 10 high definition design variants for you to be able to use for your Instagram stories. With 72 dpi, these templates have a very clear and beautiful design but looking crisp and professional nevertheless. The templates are fully customizable as they come in both JPEG and PSD format with well organised and easy to parse layers. The proper organisation of layers makes it easy to edit with only a very basic knowledge of Photoshop being required. This is great hassle free pack, especially great for those who are just starting their Instagram page or account and don’t want to be overwhelmed by too many choices.

Animated Bundle

This massive Instagram mockup bundle is a goldmine who is seriously trying to run their Instagram page and wishes to utilise the full extent of the Instagram stories feature. This huge bundle comes with over 400 hand drawn elements to use from, in AI or PNG format, 145 editable animated files, in PSD format, 20 hand drawn patterns, in PSD format, and 3 different background foils. All the files are well organised and separated in easy to edit layers for full customization. It also comes with moodboards designs as well. All you need to be able to edit all these files is Adobe Photoshop and basic knowledge of the same. You also get free updates when you purchase this pack, with updates containing more templates and elements. This is a great pack for those who are hoping to regularly and thoroughly use the Instagram Stories feature for their Instagram account or page.


If you’ve been thinking that the Instagram mockups are not something you can use because you either don’t possess Adobe Photoshop or you’re not proficient with it then this bundle is for you. This bundle with 30 completely unique high-resolution templates is fully editable online with Canva (for free). These templates are beautifully designed with a minimalist style so that you can use your beautiful photos to entice and engage your target audience and make sure that there is engagement between you and your followers on Instagram. But this template is also useful if you have Adobe Photoshop and know how to use it as well since all the templates come in PSD formats as well, so as to not exclude those who prefer to use Adobe Photoshop for their designing needs. A few examples of the templates in this pack are; event templates, spotlight templates, blog post templates, giveaway templates and etc.

Indigo Bundle

This colour themed Instagram mockup bundle features beautiful watercolour style Indigo hue designs, and comes with 18 Canva templates and 18 Photoshop templates. The templates are optimised for Instagram’s square posts with 1080 x 1080 resolution and 72 dpi. The templates are well organised in smart layers with smart objects and easily editable text that they come with. It is easy to customize the templates in the way you want with just a few clicks and basic knowledge. The pack also comes with 5 additional textures, which include gold glitter and 4 indigo watercolour textures. The textures themselves are usable for other print purposes being 3000 x 4000 px in size and 300 dpi.

Clean Bundle

This pack is another large bundle filled with numerous Instagram templates. The bundle contains over 160 templates which have been designed for Instagram. The resolution of the templates is 1200 x 1200 px and 72 dpi. These templates can also be used for Facebook, websites and blogs but have been designed for Instagram’s square posts. The bundle’s templates work with Adobe Photoshop CC/CS, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo but not with Adobe Elements or Canva. The bundle contains discreetly themed packs such as Light Instagram pack, Pink Instagram Pack, White Instagram pack, Fashion Instagram pack, Lily Instagram pack and etc. Each pack has various templates that you can easily edit and customise for your particular needs. This pack is a great choice if you are managing more than a single Instagram page or account or need various themes and styles for your templates.

Misc Mega Bundle

One of the best bundles for anyone looking to start using Instagram for their business or services seriously, this mega bundle is filled to the brim with features. With over 250 animated and non-animated Instagram templates, this bundle also contains puzzle templates, hand drawn elements, and free future updates. This bundle is ideal for those with a more aesthetic requirement for their Instagram account or page, like fashion bloggers, photographers, wedding planners and etc. It also comes with a tutorial so that you can easily utilise this mega bundle to its full potential and not be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that is contained within this bundle.

More Animated Stories

This Animated Stories pack is an easy way to start understanding how to use animated templates for Instagram. Since Instagram stories is an essential feature of the platform especially for creating engagement with the target audience, it absolutely important that to reap the full benefits of your Instagram account you will need to properly utilise the Instagram Stories feature. This pack helps in this regard because unlike many other packs this pack comes with two comprehensive video tutorials about how to utilise animated templates. But while the video tutorials are certainly welcome, they are an added bonus and not the main feature of this pack. That would be the 20 video templates that have been designed in Photoshop. These 20 templates have each a video preview and a static image preview as well so you know how each template is going to look before even starting. The templates are easily editable with well differentiated and highlighted layers and are high quality with superior resolution and high pixel density for crisp and clear images

Animated Watercolour Stories

This pack features a beautiful watercolour style for your Instagram Stories with its animated stories templates for Instagram. These beautiful designs will entice your audience and followers to interact with your page and lead to higher views. The pack itself contains 20 animated templates, 20 static templates and 20 samples of each, all meticulously designed in Photoshop and delivered in PSD, JPG, and PNG format for your ease of use. A lot of additional elements are provided as a bonus. These elements include sparks, gold patterns, flowers and etc. The pack also comes with a free to use text font so you don’t have to worry about finding a font for commercial use either. The templates are well designed with well-organised layers, smart object replacement, easy to edit colours and an overall sophisticated but simple design.

Clean Story Bundle

This Instagram Story bundle features packs all with a clean and simplistic design. It contains over 130 templates designed natively for Instagram but is usable with other platforms such as Facebook, websites and blogging services. The bundle’s templates work with Adobe Photoshop CC/CS, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo but not with Adobe Elements or Canva. The templates are presented in PSD format and can be easily customised and edited in the above-mentioned programs. Some of the packs that are contained in this bundle are Ozone Instagram Stories Pack, Pure Instagram Stories Pack, Sunlight Instagram Stories Pack and etc. This pack is a great choice for those who are planning to utilise the Instagram Stories feature more and are focusing to improve their page or account by using Instagram stories more than the traditional Instagram posts.

Grid Template

Unlike the previous pack, this Instagram template pack is for those who are going to focus more on posting pictures on their Instagram account or page. This pack contains 27 post designs that neatly organise your Instagram feed in a grid when seen from the overview. This creates a very immersive, well designed, and beautiful feed for your Instagram feed. Manually creating such an immersive grid would take ages but this pack does most of the leg work for you. With continuous, pre-sliced design layout your time is saved by cutting down the amount of work you would need to do to set up any post with this template. The pack also contains 12 Instagram story posts, not ignoring the other important feature of the Instagram platform, especially for business and services. The pack also includes three colour textures in it, so that you can easily select which style you want to go for on your Instagram account or feed. The templates are fully customisable and compatible with Adobe Photoshop. It also comes with a help file which also contains links for the fonts as well as tutorials.

Animated Minimalist Stories

If you want to utilise the Instagram Stories feature but haven’t liked any of the more flashier story packs or bundles yet then this is the pack for you. This Minimalist stories pack features sophisticated and modern designs with lots of white space which leads it to look elegant and stylish. The pack contains 20 high resolution, also retina proof, animated templates along with video previews for each of the 20 templates that have been given. The templates can also be used as static templates for Instagram posts and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop. The templates themselves are easy to use, edit and customize with organised files, layers and objects to provide the best user experience. It also contains video instructions along with a tutorial pdf to help explain how to best edit the templates for your use. And finally, it also comes with 3 separate textures that can be used.

Puzzle Template

One of the more uniquely styled packs, this Puzzle Template for Instagram turns your Instagram feed into an eye-catching, delectable and unique puzzle style look, helping you stand out from the usual boring and drab feeds of most other Instagram accounts and pages. The pack itself contains a single Photoshop file that has 3×9 individual posts with a grid overlay and a pre-set slice file to make your job easier and less time-consuming. The pack contains smart objects and is completely 100% customisable so you will be turning your Instagram feed into eye-catching puzzles in no time.

Tuscany Stories

This minimalist style story pack emulates a polaroid look with white spaces for a very sleek yet stylish look. This pack comes with 20 editable Instagram Stories template, all of which are 1600 x 2844 px in size with a 9:16 aspect ratio. The high resolution and retina proof templates make sure that the no matter what you post it always looks like it was intended to. The shapes themselves are all vector based so you don’t need to worry about them looking bad if you change their sizes up or down. It is easy to replace the images as the templates come with smart object and are aligned to a column grid. The templates also come with pixel perfect shapes and well-organised layers.


While most businesses can only dream of having 50 million likes on their picture like the world famous @world_record_egg it is possible to reach quite a large number of new customers by using your Instagram account for your business wisely and interacting with new customers. Even if you previously had not been on Instagram, it’s never too late to join and enjoy the success from Instagram by using it to its maximum potential. With the right mindset and a favourable marketing strategy, you can easily promote the products and services that your business provides. You can easily boost your brand value and increase sales just by being on the Instagram platform.

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